Tech Vedika experts discuss the key drivers of business transformation and accelerating innovation

How Blockchain Can Improve Democratic Elections and Voting Systems

How Blockchain Can Improve D..

Blockchaining is changing the way our world functions. The technology involves a public ledger that can be..

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Connected Healthcare with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Connected Healthcare with In..

Internet of Things (IoT) is in the news for all the right reasons. The idea is fascinating because electronic devices..

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Financial ChatBot

Financial ChatBot

Conversational Technology is taking next level of customer experience Digital engagement and mobile banking have already..

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Internet of things (IoT): What is it and How does it work

Internet of things (IoT): Wh..

Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT, is an ever-buzzing term in the technology sphere that promises..

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Chatbot, The Conversational AI: What Are They and How They Are Used

Chatbot, The Conversational ..

Do you often see a small rectangular pop-up on the bottom right side of a website you visited? Does it resemble a..

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Fraud detection using AI

Fraud detection using AI

One situation nobody wants be stuck in is being a victim of a bank fraud. It is highly disturbing as our privacy is breached..

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VHacks 2018: Hackathon at Tech Vedika

VHacks 2018: Hackathon at Te..

Tech Vedika believes in new ideas and innovation. What better event than a hackathon can help act as a platform..

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Artificial Intelligence empowered Predictive Analytics forecasts FIFA World Cup 2018 Winner

Artificial Intelligence empo..

There is no doubt that Football is the world’s most famous sport. There cannot be a bigger sporting..

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MJPEG Linux Video Streaming and Recording over HTTP

MJPEG Linux Video Streaming ..

We got a requirement, where the client was looking for a USB camera or IP camera which could stream..

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Mobiles Can Now Diagnose Your illness!

Mobiles Can Now Diagnose You..

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the collection of medical devices and applications that connect..

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What is Augmented Reality technology and how does AR work

What is Augmented Reality te..

Augmented Reality involves the superimposition of computer-generated digital images on the real environment..

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Vision Analytics To Make Autonomous Cars Smart

Vision Analytics To Make Aut..

It is often said that if 20th Century was of Silicon, 21st Century would be of biology. In recent years, new discoveries..

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What is Blockchain: Simplified for Beginners

What is Blockchain: Simplifi..

Every monetary transaction goes through a central authority like a government or a bank. While transferring..

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Here’s Why You Need A Mobile App

Here’s Why You Need A Mobile..

According to the latest study conducted by a US-based media agency Zenith, 66% of individuals in 52 countries..

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10 Disruptive Technologies By 2020

10 Disruptive Technologies B..

What is it: Internet of Things is the network of devices and objects, also known as things, with in-built sensors that..

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ReactJS JavaScript Library For Building User Interface

ReactJS JavaScript Library F..

ReactJS an increasingly popular front-end Javascript framework. It was developed by Facebook to encourage..

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AngularJS Open-Source Frontend Application Framework

AngularJS Open-Source Fronte..

Google’s own Javascript framework powers rapid development of single page applications.  Theodo expertise in AngularJS..

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Symfony, A High Performance PHP Framework for Web Development

Symfony, A High Performance ..

Symfony is a leading PHP framework for websites and web applications. 80% of websites use PHP, and if you are looking..

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Bluetooth Low Energy Communication In IOS

Bluetooth Low Energy Communi..

BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy, which more commonly referred to as ‘Smart Bluetooth’, is a device communication..

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Developing Rapid Mobile App Prototype With Tech Vedika

Developing Rapid Mobile App ..

Every customer comes with a new idea and concept for a mobile application. We at Tech Vedika are responsible..

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