3 Words to Describe Yourself.
Diligent, Confident and Ambitious.

What Are Your Hobbies?
Watching Ted Talks, surfing net and playing table tennis in my spare time.

What Is Your Motto in Life?
Have hope and faith in one’s to get better of deserved things in life.

What Do You Like the Most About Tech Vedika?
The fact that I have the freedom to experiment and fail, and yet have the support to evolve.

What Did You Find Most Challenging at Tech Vedika?
Every day is challenging as it gives scope to learn and perform.

What Have You Gained from Working at Tech Vedika?
I learned to work collaboratively with a team and how helpful one can be. I also grasped learning new skills from my seniors.

How Do You Maintain Work-Life Balance?
Every morning when I come in, I plan to complete my prioritized tasks.
That way I ensure my work is done on time, this is how I maintain my work life balance.

How Would You Describe Tech Vedika?
Fun, challenging, friendly, collaborative, flexible and supportive.

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