3 Words to Describe Yourself?
Meticulous, poised and self-reliant

What Are Your Hobbies?
Playing Cricket and Badminton

What Is Your Motto in Life?
Dreams won’t work unless you do.

What Do You Like the Most About TechVedika?
Every team member in TechVedika is given an equal opportunity to work at the top of their skill sets and at the same time employees who are up for the challenge have access to challenging work at any time.

What Did You Find Most Challenging at TechVedika?
Everyone must be updated with new technical stuff which is in the market, I felt it very challenging in adapting to the new technologies.

What Have You Gained from Working at TechVedika?
I learned to work to a deadline, learning from mistakes and most importantly adapting to the new technologies

How Do You Maintain Work-Life Balance?
I always keep motivated to finish the work in a given time, which makes my life easier in doing things.

How Would You Describe TechVedika?
TechVedika is a platform for Learning, Challenges, Joy, Equal Opportunity for everyone and amicable peers for the lifetime …


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