About Us

Our mission is to be the most trusted and reliable technology partner for organizations

We are a team of highly experienced engineers backed by our product portfolio in providing innovative technology solutions for our clients. Our products and solutions enable organizations to innovate and transform their operational efficiencies, accelerate their growth and increase revenue. We have helped customers build solutions in a range of market verticals and domains including Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Leveraging proven reference platforms & accelerators and team competencies, we collaborate with our customer’s product marketing, engineering and domain experts, to help them build highly specialized & differentiated solutions.

TechVision+ is our proven homegrown AI/ML & Intelligent Vision/ IoT platform for developing solutions in key automation target verticals such as supply chain, retail, manufacturing.

Started Operations in 2010
ISO 9001 and 27001 Certified
Serving Globally Across US, Canada, Middle East, Australia, India
Providing 24/7 Development Service
50+ ML, AI/Deep Learning and Analytics Professionals
150+ Professionals in Web & Mobile App Development
10+ Products & Accelerators
Proud AWS Partner
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