Intelligent Vision for Manufacturing

Innovative solutions for Manufacturing transformed by IoT and Vision Analytics

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<span class="text-primary">Intelligent Vision</span> <span class="text-dark">for Manufacturing</span>

Manufacturing Industry solutions

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Intelligent Vision for Inspection

TechVision+Inspect leverages Intelligent Vision for Inspection to eliminate defective products before they can harm your brand

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Inline PCB

Leverage Intelligent Vision in PCB Assembly in manufacturing with zero defects for Component Detection and Defect Classification

Morgan Guadis

Workplace Safety

People+Workplace ensures a safe & secure workplace for your employees by leveraging Intelligent Vision

TechVision+ Inspect is a next generation platform utilizing intelligent vision in manufacturing products with zero defects. Our platform leverages 2D & 3D cameras that identifies and eliminates defective products before they can harm your brand. Our smart vision-inspection provides benefits increasingly valued by electronic and component manufacturing companies.

We deliver end-to-end solutions as per our clients specifications on time.

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