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Healthcare Industry Case Studies

Morgan Guadis

AI Powered Cardiac MRI Analysis

HarmonyCVI a flagship product of iHridAI, is a comprehensive AI solution for Automatic Analysis of the Cardiac MRIs within seconds for Accurate Diagnosis & Insights

Morgan Guadis

Accurate Sperm Quality Assessment With AI

Our AI powered CASA accurately assesses sperm quality & generates reports without any human intervention & automates 95% of the existing process.

Morgan Guadis

Telemetric Run Data

Our Next-gen Genome sequencing system built on top of scalable computing framework for a leading Healthcare Company analyzes telemetric run data to generate 100s of GBs of data

AI has the potential to transform & enhance healthcare in a way that benefits both the clinicians and patients. With the increase in the volume of healthcare data, AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques.
Do you want to power a new generation of tools that will make the clinicians more aware & efficient in their care delivery?

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