Intelligent Vision for Supply Chain and Logistics

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<span class="text-primary" >Intelligent Vision</span> <span class="text-dark">for  Supply Chain and Logistics</span>

Supply Chain & Logistics Industry solutions

Morgan Guadis

Intelligent Vision for Warehouse Optimization

Automate & Optimize your warehouse operations right from receiving package through out its life cycle in the warehouse and transport

Morgan Guadis

Pick and Pack

TechVision+ ensures that each & every package is Picked, Packed & Shipped in its optimal state by leveraging Intelligent Vision to ensure less chances of returned items

Morgan Guadis

QC of Packed

TechVision+ Intelligent solution for QC uses Deep Learning to detect and count the items in a few seconds optimising the time taken upto 50%

Leaders today want to optimize their operation into a Lean Supply Chain+ Logistics organization and Tech Vedika can help you get there by leveraging fixed focal, 2D & 3D cameras that identifies & classifies products, reads bar codes and text to create more efficient and accurate workflows.
We deliver end-to-end solutions as per our clients specifications on time

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