The high volume of data from electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging, genomic sequencing, payor records, pharmaceutical research, wearables and medical devices, makes healthcare data more challenging to process and convert into useful, actionable information.

Tech Vedika was approached by a leading multinational healthcare company for facilitating their Global Customer Support team to analyze telemetric run data of Next Generation Sequencers. The process involves complex analysis of the logged instrument data. Each analysis run could generate 100s of GB data.

Tech Vedika’s Data Analytics Lab built a novel system on top scalable computing and storage Hadoop framework. The system ingests large data sets from transcript expression analysis along with the metadata and builds a data model for efficient and fast analysis.

Following are the few salient features:

▪ Expose Web Services/Queues to integrate with other downstream systems.

▪ SQL engine on top distributed system for adhoc analysis.

▪ Auto management of complex workflows

Our solution ingests 100s of sequencing runs and processing 100s of GB daily to enable global support team to investigate failed runs timely. Our data model crunches large data sets to bring actionable information using machine learning. The visualization dashboards enable easily navigation through actionable information to understand the root causes of the failures.

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