AWS Cloud Migration

Overview of AWS Cloud Migration

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AWS Cloud Migration


With over a million satisfied customers, AWS holds the power and expertise of migrating organizations to the cloud. Within a minimal cutover timeframe entire workload and data centers get relocated. Cloud migration enhances operational and technical skills. According to research, migration to AWS cloud brings around a 51% reduction in operational cost and a 62% increase in productivity of IT employees. 

Service Description

AWS Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure & App Analysis
  • Prioritization of Apps
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Defining Deployment Topology
  • Risk Assessment & Remediation Plan
  • App & Data Migration
  • Testing & Cutover

Why TechVedika?

Proven Migration Methodology, Checklist and Tools

Strong Team of Technical Architects & AWS Certified Professionals with Experience in Cloud Migration

Client Benefits

AWS Cloud Migration
30-35% Infrastructure Cost Savings from Cloud Migration
AWS Cloud Migration
Upto 50% Improvement in Efficiency in IT Infra Management

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