AWS DevOps Services

Overview of AWS DevOps Automation

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AWS DevOps Services


AWS believes in a smooth and quick transition of ideas from development to production. This makes the system more efficient and dynamic. DevOps introduces automation as it enables continuous delivery, integration, and deployment of workflows.  This fast and efficient way helps to build, deploy and manage the cloud business. 

Service Description

AWS DevOps Services (AWS DevOps Automation)
  • Implement CI/CD Pipelines using AWS & 3rd Party Tools
  • Source Code control Audit & Management
  • Provisioning, Configuring, and managing AWS infra resources using AWS tools & templates
  • Deployment of microservices using AWS container services
  • DevOps process optimization and enhancement
  • Enhance CI/CD process, pipeline, and scripts based on future requirements/tools integration
  • Understanding the exact use case of DevOps. Identifying pain points
  • Identifying tools needed for DevOps based upon the requirement, compatibility, cost, and process flow
  • Documentation of implemented DevOps solution, DevOps approach and best practices

Why TechVedika?

Strong Team of DevOps Engineers & Technical Architects for DevOps Setup and Automation

Reusable Automation & Test Scripts for Infrastructure Provisioning and Release Automation

DevOps Support for Application Maintenance and Development Teams

Client Benefits

AWS DevOps Services (AWS DevOps Automation)
Enhanced Team Productivity & Timely Delivery
AWS DevOps Services (AWS DevOps Automation)
Improved Collaboration, Application Uptime & Environment Visibility
AWS DevOps Services (AWS DevOps Automation)
Up to 30% Reduction in Release Cycle Time

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