AWS Well-Architected Framework

Overview of AWS Performance Efficiency

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AWS Well-Architected Framework


AWS Performance Efficiency pillar furnishes the capability to use computing resources effectively. The workloads maintain their efficiency even with changing requirements. This pillar makes up the best practices and design principles that devise a robust and cost-effective AWS architecture. It evaluates the framework and recommends the improvement areas which in turn contribute to success. 

Service Description

  • Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring
  • Leverage Proven Performance Frameworks, Checklist and Metrics
  • Configure thresholds for Alert Detection & Notification
  • Right Deployment Topology and Configuration for Auto-scaling for High Availability & Scalability
  • Architecture Recommendations and Implementation for ensuring Optimal Performance
  • Integration with 3rd Party Tools for instant messaging
AWS Performance Efficiency

Why TechVedika?

Proactively Monitor & Identify Performance Issues

Prompt Response for Corrective Actions to Avoid Major System Outages

Customized Reports & Dashboards

Experience using AWS and 3rd Party Tools for Performance Monitoring

Client Benefits

AWS Performance Efficiency
Ensure High Performance for Improved Customer Experience
AWS Performance Efficiency
Robust Application Performance with Scalable, Agile and Resilient Architecture
AWS Performance Efficiency
Up to 25% Reduction in Performance Incidents

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