In today’s rapidly evolving world, IoT has transformed the way we interact with our surroundings, especially in ensuring safer homes or workplaces. A leading US-based IoT Systems Provider partnered with Tech Vedika for developing an advanced software platform that integrates diverse IoT sensors controlled by mobile application for real-time monitoring. Let’s delve into how Tech Vedika delivered this innovative IoT platform for enhanced residential safety.
Client Challenges
Some of the challenges encountered by the client include:
  • Enabling seamless integration between different IoT devices with diverse protocols.
  • Users were not notified of incidents such as temperature fluctuations or water leakage leaving them unaware of potential dangers.
Tech Vedika with its expertise in cutting-edge technologies, developed a mobile app for setting, tracking, and controlling home appliances. The service package comprised of 5 devices: Door Open sensor, Water Leakage Sensor, Temp & Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Power Outlet Sensor. Here are the key components of the platform:
  1. User-friendly Mobile Application – Tech Vedika developed a mobile app for both Android and iOS enabling effortless management of different sensors.
  2. Seamless Device Integration – The platform integrates various IoT devices allowing complete control and monitoring from a single interface.
  3. QR Code Authentication – This feature simplifies setup, enabling users to scan QR codes on IoT devices for secure pairing with the mobile app.
  4. Real-time Dashboards – Intuitive dashboards provide real-time insights into each connected device.
  5. Alert Settings and Notifications – Customizable settings based on preferences enable users to receive instant notifications in case of incidents or safety breaches.
Business Benefits
  • Real-time tracking of all device activities related through a mobile application.
  • Intuitive dashboards for easy monitoring of devices, providing vital information, such as temperature readings, and other crucial metrics.
  • Convenient control over devices, enabling users to switch them on/off.
  • Prompt alerts for incidents or safety breaches, allowing immediate action to mitigate potential hazards.
By partnering with Tech Vedika, the client successfully tackled the challenges of integrating IoT sensors and transforming residential safety. The IoT platform with its mobile application empowers homeowners to proactively track, control, and safeguard their devices. As technology advances, Tech Vedika remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that redefine the possibilities of the IoT landscape.

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