Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps convert a hand-written, printed, or typed document into its digital version, which eliminates the need to type the text manually. The software converts the text in its original form into a more computer-readable format.

With an OCR, one can search through the text of scanned files in a way similar to the regular process. It identifies the text characters in an image file by comparing outlines of the shapes of the page to characters already existing in the program memory. With this technology, pages of text are accessible within seconds. Hence, Results are accurate and quick.

How does OCR Work?

Optical Character Recognition has to differentiate between different styles of fonts and writings; the task is equally challenging in the case of printed text as in a handwritten piece of information.

Tech Vedika’s OCR software has an efficient workflow that guarantees error-free conversion. In the first step, a piece of text is given as the input, for example, balance sheets, business cards, and ID proofs. This input is then sent to the Proprietary ML modules that convert image to text by recognizing tables and removing noise. Finally, this converted text is represented in a tabular form with the numbers and text extracted.

Tech Vedika’s OCR solution has consistently surpassed all its competitors in software tests, making it a powerful and easy-to-use option. We are working on some interesting cases where our OCR helps big time.

To know more about our OCR offerings, stay tuned to the next blog.

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