Y. Madulatha
Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Nuzvid
Software Engineering Intern

My four-and-half month internship stint at Tech Vedika was an enriching experience. It was my stepping stone into the big corporate world right after college and I am so glad that I had a smooth transition. The company ensured that I enjoyed the learning process by being there for me whenever I needed help.

The internship kick-started with personality development sessions. I believed I emerged as a better person from these sessions. They helped me hone my communication and employability skills. This phase of my internship also allowed me time to read lots of books. Apart from improving my reading speed, these books helped me expect what professional life will have to offer. A book I particularly liked is “The Passionate Programmer”,  which talks about what gives us success in life.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to learn advanced level of various web-designing languages such as Javascript, Bootstrap, Python, Apache, etc. I was given complete freedom by Tech Vedika to explore new concepts and develop a strong foundation in programming. Though the schedule was demanding and things got tougher as days passed, my mentor was always ready to help me with my queries and guide me through the day’s tasks.

My fun colleagues at Tech Vedika ensured that I had a great time alongside work. We have a fun play area where we play Foosball, Table Tennis, Chess and Carroms regularly. This helped me unwind from the grind and make good friends.

By the end of my internship at Tech Vedika, I became a better version of myself. It helped me develop skills and tread new avenues in the area of my interest: programming. I was motivated to be around people who walk and talk only programming. Though I learned computer programming as a part of my college curriculum, I was fascinated to understand the nuances of good and efficient programming. It was a journey worth embarking upon!!

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