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AI/ML for Smart Decision Making & Enhanced Business Value

Drive digital transformation & enhance business value by leveraging AI/ML for smart decision-making, business process optimization, and enhanced customer experience. We help in strategizing, consulting, designing, and developing innovative AI/ML Solutions to turn your business ideas into reality with our deep AI expertise.

Our AI/ML Service Offerings

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AI Consulting
AI Consulting
  • AI Strategy Development
  • Identify use cases for leveraging AI
  • Data Assessment and Preparation
  • AI Model Selection, Development & Integration
  • AI Infrastructure Assessment
AI/ML Model Development
AI/ML Model Development
AI/ML Model Development
  • Data collection & exploratory data analysis
  • Data annotations (text, images, or videos)
  • Develop & train AI models
  • AI model deployment & testing
  • AI development with AWS Sagemaker & MLOps
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
  • Image-to-Text Conversion
  • Data Extraction from Documents and Images
  • Face Detection & Identification
  • Movement Detection
  • Video stream processing
Chat GPT
ChatGPT & Large Language Models (LLM)
ChatGPT & Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Text Analytics: Keyword extraction, Text summarization & Sentiment analysis
  • Grammer correction & translation
  • Email/ Document classification & Fraud detection
  • Information search: Q&A, SQL Translate & ChatGPT Plugins
  • Prompt Engineering
Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Analytics
Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Analytics
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • Entity Recognition, Data Extraction & Summarization
  • Action Items, Questions & Follow-ups
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Document Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis

Our Value Proposition

Technology Agnostic

Our engineers with strong AI/ML experience can deliver business solutions regardless of the technology stack

Data Centered

We develop data-driven AI & analytics solutions tailored to your business requirements

Flexible Engagement Models

Proven experience in delivering industry focussed solutions from on site/off shore in T&M and Fixed Bid models

Result Oriented

Our services cover all aspects of AI development including infrastructure setup, development and maintenance & support


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