As wearable fitness technology has a versatile range, health clubs are implementing new initiatives and technologies of their own in order to engage users and keep them active.

Tech Vedika has built a complete ecosystem and a platform for Fitrax to provide an end-to-end solution for their gym, health & fitness club customers. Tech Vedika’s dedicated team created a complete solution within 8 months. We delivered a production-ready solution to them.

Main features of the platform:
  • View your physical effort live on your smartphone
  • Make social connections and challenge friends
  • Leaderboard competition to earn points and gain rankings
  • BYOD connects to other wearable devices (support any wearable device)
  • Connect to 3rd party gym equipment for maximum versatility
Main components of the ecosystem we built:
  • Cloud WDM Server – Wearable device management server
  • Gym & Fitness Center Web Portal – To manage their members, coach, reports etc.
  • Coach & Trainer App – Android & iOS apps for coaches to monitor day to day progress of the members
  • Member App – Android & iOS apps for members to record, track & monitor their activity & plan