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Artificial Intelligence Is Fast Disrupting The Fashion Industry

Is there any industry that is completely isolated from what’s happening in the technology sector?

No- it is practically impossible for technological advancements to not penetrate new industries and markets as it reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is said to start the 4th Industrial Revolution. Sectors such as Healthcare, Finance and Information Technology have grown leaps and bounds, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. AI’s entry in fashion has disrupted the everyday working style of the industry. It has brought in path-breaking innovations, interesting designs and a lot more. Let’s talk about some of the revolutions Computer Vision has brought in:

  • Find Your Desired Product With Visual Search

Searches are effective only when the right keywords are typed into the search bar. People who are oblivious to this fact are often dissatisfied with the search results and in turn, with the overall online shopping experience. AI has made things easy for the customers now as they can capture photos of the desired real-world product and use it to find similar products on the online store. This process improves the customer satisfaction of the shoppers as the product recommendation is accurate.



  • Personalize Product Catalog Based On Customer’s Social Media and Photo Gallery

Systems are now being trained to capture data about buyers demographics from various such as social media and the smartphones that they are using. This information can be used to personalize the product catalog of the store such that the customer has a better shopping experience by using image tagging and classification. Systems can also be trained to read data from questionnaires that are given to customers to better understand them. 



  • Perfect Fittings Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

 Many of us suffer from the pain of buying ill-fitting apparel from online stores. The exchange process is usually tedious and there is no guarantee that the new piece will fit us better. Now, AI will accurately take down your body measurements such that we receive a perfect fit. Virtual fitting rooms are now a  reality- customers can feed in their height, weight and other information such that a digital avatar is generated and the selected apparel are fit onto it with the help of feature extraction and object detection.



  • Be A Fashion Designer

Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for you to effortlessly design your own clothes, without stepping into a shop. Select everything from fabric to the smallest of details and create your own piece of designer wear. A real-time demo version of the design is generated before the order is placed! 

Computer Vision and AI have made the fashion industry a much exciting place for both the designers and the customers. If you want to know how we can help you make your fashion business intelligent, contact us.

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