3 Words To Describe Yourself.
Optimistic,calm and sensitive.

What Are Your Hobbies?
Playing Badminton and Cricket and watching the news.

What Is Your Motto In Life?
Start by doing what is necessary and what is possible, you will find yourself doing the impossible.

What Do You Like The Most About Tech Vedika?
Tech Vedika always encourages learning new technologies. My colleagues are also quite supportive.

What Did You Find Most Challenging At Tech Vedika?
We face many interesting challenges on a daily basis here. I had a tight schedule in one of our recent projects. I had to deal with latest technologies, complex designs and strict deadlines for deliverables. I could finish the work due to my team lead’s support and lots of research from my end.

What Have You Gained From Working At Tech Vedika?
I gained technical and communication skills with the help of team leads’ support. Now, I can handle multiple technologies confidently.

How Do You Maintain Work-Life Balance?
I maintain balance by focusing on my strengths and prioritizing the tasks assigned to me. I set deadlines for myself and abide by them to deliver what is expected out of me.

How Would You Describe Tech Vedika?
Tech Vedika is a great place to work. We give great importance to client satisfaction and believe that it takes commitment to growth as an organisation.