3 Words To Describe Yourself
Ambitious, confident and conscientious.

What Are Your Hobbies?
Playing cricket and carroms.

What Is Your Motto In Life?
Do my best so that I would not have to blame myself for anything.

What Do You Like The Most About Tech Vedika?
I enjoy the great work culture here.

What Did You Find Most Challenging At Tech Vedika?
Learning how to manage time and expectations of both colleagues and clients, facing new challenges on a daily basis and developing my technical skills.

What Have You Gained From Working At Tech Vedika?
I could hone my technical skills due to the varied experiences here.

How Do You Maintain Work-Life Balance?
I am very particular about my work ethics and am aware of the expectations from me. I try to balance by clearly demarcating work and life boundaries, and am very clear about it. I also prioritize: at the end of each day,I do a brief assessment of my daily activities.

How Would You Describe Tech Vedika?
It is a good organization to learn more things.