To cut down costs, increase revenues and customer acquisition, Tata DoCoMo approachedTech Vedika to build a solution. We developed a Mobile POS for their retailers which can be used for day-to-day business transactions and provide customer support instantly and easy.

The existing system had problems such as retailers had to use SMS based service to sell prepaid recharge. Card activation also took 4-5 days or more (in some cases), which increases the customer acquisition cost. The customer service was also cumbersome as customers had to call the customer service center each time there was an issue

Main Outcomes of Our Solution

  • Decreased customer acquisition cost and an increased number of new connections per day (70%)
  • Improved customer experience, as retailers are able to provide instant service feedback
  • Retail Partners are able to sell more with integrated revenue dashboard and new offering updates

Benefits To The Client

  • Minimized costs and enhanced customer acquisition
  • Able to monitor each region and individual retailer business centrally and real-time
  • Customer support is improved leading to a decrease in the number of ends customer query calls and retailers complains

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