Organizations strive to identify and optimize their employees’ potential in order to foster effective promotion, placement, and hiring decisions. To meet this demand, a US-based Online Training Company engaged Tech Vedika to build an assessment and talent development platform that harnesses the power of simulations to measure and enhance individuals’ capabilities.

Client Requirements
  • Building a comprehensive employee assessment platform
  • Developing an Angular application from complex design specifications
  • Integrating third-party tools such as:
    • Drip to send emails by using templates
    • Appcues for guided tutorials

Tech Vedika designed and built an engaging and interactive simulations assessments platform for talent development. Below are the key components of the solution:

  1. Functional Web Application – Tech Vedika developed a robust application on AWS Cloud for seamless access & reliable performance.
  2. Role-based Features – Specific role-based access privileges for admins, recruiters, and candidates to view reports and participate in simulations.
  3. User-friendly Simulation Engine – Role-specific simulations for individuals.
  4. Admin Portal – Provides real-time reports to track user activity, monitor progress, and gain valuable insights.
  5. Builder Portal – Create simulations to capture user activity, actions, plans, responses, and simulation time for accurate performance measurement.
  6. Microservice Architecture and REST APIs – Scalable architecture for seamless integration and REST APIs ensures smooth communication between different components of the platform.
  7. Real-time End User Support – Ensures smooth customer experience.
Business Benefits
  • Successfully onboarded a corporate client with 3000+ users within a year.
  • Achieved a 30% reduction in costs through resource optimization & transitioning from EC2 to ECS.
  • Enabled targeted talent development by establishing baselines and tracking individual progress over time for enhanced performance.
  • Provided actionable insights to optimize potential and drive professional growth.

Tech Vedika’s simulation assessments platform empowered talent development and optimized performance. With an engaging user experience, real-time reporting, the platform can evaluate and unlock individuals’ potential. The client harnesses the power of simulations to drive effective promotions, placements, and hiring decisions.

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