The EMS App helps Medical Emergency Service to provide error-free treatment quickly. The EMS app, as evidenced by 911 Emergency Medical Service, is proven to be valuable in delivering safe and complete patient care tools in times of emergency in field service.

An essential tool for emergency medical services, this app is not only a checklist but also gives dosing and treatment information for every type of critical care situation that arises.

Improved 25% Treatment Time, 99% Procedure Accuracy, and 30% Communication Cost.

No Need to Flip Pages of Protocol Document or Write Treatment Log Book Everything is on Mobile

–         In-built emergency medical practice protocol
–         Drug calculator
–         Timer
–         Procedure checklist
–         Store treatment log
–         Sync treatment log with cloud or hospital

Main Benefits

–         No need to go through books and manuals
–         Improves support time & accuracy by using calculator/ timer and checklists
–         Improves treatment by sharing field treatment data with hospital real-time
–         Error-free procedure for any type of emergency

How will it be beneficial to Management?

–         Manages content for all field service Mobile from the Cloud
–         View and manage service log for each personal
–         Data analytics to improve field service quality


  • Field Service Personal Mobile App for iOS & Android
  • Cloud-based Secured Content Management Platform for Admin
  • Big Data Visualization for Data Usage & Field Data Collection