Every customer comes with a new idea and concept for a mobile application. We at Tech Vedika are responsible for converting customers’ ideas and requirement into a mobile app or web app which they have visualized. For the last three years, we have delivered several successful mobile and web projects. The learning from each of these projects is that most of the customers want to play with their ideas and concepts before they go for development. They are eager to see how their app will look like and what will be the user experience.

Prototyping In The Design Phase

Tech Vedika’s design team introduced mobile application prototyping in the design phase for mobile and web application projects. Since many customers liked the idea, we not only implemented app prototyping but also implemented tools called #invisionapp to collaborate with all the stakeholders of the project for UX design and development.

This has significantly improved user experience and reduced development time from concept to production without the evolution stage. At Tech Vedika, we use everyday tools to design wireframing of the UI like Google Slide and Microsoft Powerpoint. We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to only edit images or design custom icons, while we use Invision App to build a working prototype for mobile and web.

Rapid Prototyping with Invision App

Visit this URL from your PC Browser or mobile browser to experience our Mobile App

Prototype UI: www.invision.co/username

Advantages of The Tool

The major advantage of the mobile prototyping and collaboration tool is that you don’t have to run around for approvals of the UI, as all the stakeholders of the project can access it from a single URL. The look and feel of the prototype are the same as the real mobile app. It even allows users to put their comments and notes for the designers and developers.

We have significantly saved on time and money by implementing the Rapid Mobile App prototyping in our app development projects. The early prototype has also helped us in receiving feedback from the prospects and customers to improve the user experience, which has translated into creating many successful products.

To learn or understand more about our Rapid Prototype Services, please email vipul.patel@www.techvedika.com